who we are

Cork ‘n Barrel Express was founded by three inspired individuals who felt the need to share their love of wine with the world. As a company we are fully licensed to export wine and focus our efforts on the Asian market, mainly China. We work closely with the farms and our distributors to ensure client satisfaction across borders and enjoy every new challenge the wine industry presents us.

Gary Irwin, founder and inspiration, began his career in the IT industry focusing on operations and product development before breaking away to start his own company. Bringing to the company a vast knowledge of international relations as well as a canny ability to research anything, Gary is the glue that brings everyone together. His clear thought process and drive pushed Cork ‘n Barrel from a mere dream to become a successful company.

Hennie Lötter, Stellenbosch University graduate, brings unparalleled experience in the import / export industry. Although holding a degree in accounting, Hennie has worked with the Chinese market for just short of a decade dealing with importing of items to South Africa before branching to exports. Hennie is part of a well known wine family and his brother is the chief exporter for a local Grabouw wine, making his knowledge and experience an integral part of Cork ‘n Barrel Express.

Libby Heeger, the final member of the trio of Directors, has worked with and been friends with both Hennie and Gary for a number of years. She has experience in a number of industries and having worked overseas for a year as a project manager, she brings to the mix a variety of skills and connections to tie together the dream team of Cork ‘n Barrel.